@buffenterprises BUFF 2018 appoints 3 new script judges

The British Urban Film Festival has today announced three new script judges handpicked from the National Film and Television School (NFTS) to join longstanding judges Donna Dowe (Turnanewpage.com) and Michelle Blake (ex-BBC Drama Studios) as BUFF Script Judges for 2018. All 5 judges will have a casting vote in selecting the 3 winners of this year’s Live Script Reading competition.
The BUFF Live Script readings began five years ago at Channel 4, with previous judges including the BAFTA award-winning Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan and Marlon Smith (“Run”) playing a key role in choosing writers to have their scripts performed to a live audience. Since 2016, the format of the competition has evolved, allowing writers to cast and direct the reading which is performed live and broadcast nationally on Colourful Radio. This exposure has attracted wider audiences to tune in (over 100,000 listeners last year) and has been instrumental in securing representation for writers including 2017 winner Isis Davis (now represented by literary agency Cassarotto). In 2015, script winner Louis Lagayette adapted his script ‘Trendy’ into a feature which premiered at Raindance in September 2017.
The three new judges have vast experience in film and TV, crucial for selecting scripts that could be eventually developed and produced in-house by BUFF’s production company AAA Film and TV or by supporting broadcasters and studios.
Erick Kwashie is a BAFTA Crew member and was awarded by Raindance with a filmmakers certificate in 2016. Having worked on Channel4’s Random Acts films ‘Alleyway of 1000 questions’ and ‘Where’s the fish?’, Erick now works for BBC Writers room in Comedy and Drama.
Latoya Wilson is a freelance script coordinator. Since graduating with a BA in Media and Communications at Birmingham City University, Latoya has immersed herself in the art of storytelling. She has cut her teeth in the script and story departments of EastEnders and Holby City. Latoya worked on international comedy Episodes and is currently working on a project for Netflix. Latoya has an undeniable passion for films, from script reading to studying at the National Film and Television School. Latoya also presents Reel Focus for Luton Urban Radio, which discusses the latest film and television reviews on Saturdays from 6-8pm.
Lois Gration helped develop ‘Out Of Innocence’, a crime drama based on real events, written and directed by Danny Hiller and starring Fiona Shaw, Alun Armstrong and Ruth McCabe. She has also worked on multiple film and TV productions, including the upcoming ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ and Joe Cornish’s ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’.
The five judges will be present at BUFF Media day, Thursday 8th March to officially announce the three live script winners.
For more information visit www.britishurbanfilmfestival.co.uk @buffenterprises

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