@NinaLeeMgt actors join Abi’s Angels to raise money for #MultipleSclerosis


Abi is 37 years old. Five years ago her life as an able 32 year old women; socialising, dating, working and planning her future changed dramatically, having developed a lack of control over her own legs and the onslaught of blurred vision resulting in a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis otherwise known as MS.

MS moves at various different paces but Abi’s has taken a fast pace and within 5 years, her loved ones find her wheelchair bound.  Last year she had a treatment on the NHS called Lemtrada which should halt the illness, but recent scans show new lesions on her brain, worsening the condition.

Nina Lee Management, a prestigious London based talent agency is taking action to help Abi access private treatment that is only available in Mexico and Switzerland, with availability currently in Mexico.  The cost of this treatment is £50,000.  “Abi’s Angels” is made up of 100 friends and family who are all undertaking various fundraising events to reach their target goal.
There is also a Just Giving Page for any individual donations that people may wish to make.   Every single penny counts towards this life changing journey to treatment.
Nina Lee Management has curated ‘A Night at the Theatre’ which will be a night of entertainment and laughter with the support of diverse talent represented by the agency to raise funds. Performances including monologues, duologues, live singing, calamities, fun and games throughout the evening.
Date: Thursday 1st February 2018
Time: 7.30pm,
Venue: Upstairs at the Gatehouse, Highgate
Ticket prices are £15
There 4 VIP tables for £100 each for priority seating and a complimentary bottle of Prosseco.
£10 tickets are available to anyone registered at Spotlight (link evidence required). 
For all tickets, contact : nina@ninaleemanagement.com

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