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Former Harry Potter star takes on the fight of his life – in the cage and on-screen

Life and art are set to come face-to-face in the cage for former Harry Potter star Josh Herdman at Rise of Champions MMA on February 17. Herdman is set to fight Samuel Radley in an electrifying match that will serve as preparation for his upcoming role in forthcoming MMA feature film ‘Cagefighter’  directed by Jesse Quinones, in which Herdman will play the lead.


Herdman, a black belt in Japanese JuJutsu and life long martial artist, made his MMA debut in April 2016 after winning via unanimous decision against Janusz Walachowski. He is now taking on his second fight for the MMA promotion Rise of Champions. The fight will be key prep for  Cagefighter, in which Herdman plays Reiss, an MMA fighter battling with inner demons on his quest for championship gold.


Herdman said: The script had me hooked instantly. The story, characters and dialogue are all on point. To get the lead in a movie about one of my passions is a dream come true. Its such an interesting concept too, not just a regular fight movie, its deeper than that, theres a totally different angle. It reveals some of the the darkest parts to fighting and in some places specifically to MMA, dealing with important issues. I cant wait to get stuck in. Ive been training solidly for both this fight and for the role of Reiss, and Im determined to nail both.


The film will mark Herdman’s biggest film role to date, following film credits including a ten year portrayal of Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter franchise, the role of Righteous in Robin Hood, and ITV hit series Marcella.


Written and directed by award winning film maker Jesse Quinones (Woolfcub Productions) and produced by Terry Bird (Norton Place), Cagefighter will feature some of the biggest names in MMA including UFC Light Heavy Weight title contender Jimi Manuwa, Dan Hardy, and MMA Host Gareth A Davies, plus creative support from MMA pioneers such as Brad ‘one punch’ Pickett, who founded Rise of Champions in 2015. MMA has been a recognised sport since 1993.


Quinones is himself a martial artist and holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His first feature film, Calloused Hands, received an international VOD release November 2017 on various platforms including Film Doo and Xbox. He said: “There is no sport more exhilarating to watch than Mixed Martial Arts – currently the fastest growing sport in the world. Cagefighter will be the UK’s first MMA feature film and theres no actor more perfect for this role than Josh, who lives and breathes the sport.


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