Smart brands know the value of PR. How you interact with the public is what sets you a part from others in your industry. Capturing market share through consistent and progressive engagement is key.  Gone are the days of D.I.Y. Even the biggest brands throw millions into making sure all facets of their brand are on point. We can do that for you in a time effective and cost affordable way.

We operate a 3month minimum. PR is a seed. It needs nurturing and time to grow before harvest. Although, saying that – our results have been instantaneous due to our deep relationship with press and social media influencers.

Design, strategy, communications and knowledge of your USP are core to standing out. We look at your brand holistically and put energy into the areas that count, freeing you up to do what you love – run your business. Get in touch today with your brief and budget for us to analyse¬†and plan a way forward for you reach your goals. Here’s to you success!

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