Premae Skincare launches into Africa through Amazon Luxury, from July 11th

Premae Skincare launches into Africa through Amazon Luxury, from July 11th

Black british entrepreneur expands her UK beauty into Africa with Amazon Luxury. As Premae Skincare turns five this winter, it reveals a new online retailer that will drive their ethical position in the global online luxury beauty market place. The new stockist, Amazon Luxury Beauty will emphasis Premae Skincare’s position as the first luxury Vegan beauty brand and will demonstrate the intent to address the need for allergen-friendly cosmetics.

Amazon Luxury Beauty will support Premae Skincare in its aim to maintain and excel as the world’s first freefrom beauty company, expanding the brand with new products and new categories including colour cosmetics to suit those with hypersensitive skin symptoms like Acne, Eczema and Psoriasis. Premae Skincare has always believed that good green beauty products would become mainstream and accessible. Amazons global distribution network means Premae can get products to customers in Africa, the EU and United States quicker and more efficiently.


Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, Founder and CEO, Premae Skincare, says: “Premae Skincare challenged high street retailers and brands by speaking up for those with persistent skin issues. Our ground-breaking values were ahead of their time and opened the doors for new niche brands to champion green alchemy after two decades of petrochemical mass production in beauty. With one in five adults living with one or more allergies Premae Skincare is fully committed to raising the standard of black owned beauty products available in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and indeed the whole continent with fast low-cost shipping from London through Amazon Luxury. With our commitment to education through innovative what’s app and video Skype consultations, our trinity of wellness (beauty, nutrition and lifestyle) engenders a long lasting relationship with global consumers as they flourish in their daily lives.”

Premae will be joining iconic premium brands like Burberry and OPI. Amazon Luxury Beauty will enable Premae Skincare to nurture growth which will be reflected and reinvested back into all aspects of its business: ingredients, new product development, packaging, employees, suppliers and campaigns.


Dr Clare, of Nigerian Igbo heritage adds: “Premae can be a pillar of good in an over saturated market of animal-tested petroleum based brands. Todays big issues for consumers are their image and their conscience for living better. We want our listing at Amazon Luxury Beauty UK to inspire a new growing community of customers, supporters and especially millennials who truly care about their own health and self esteem.”

Premae has a host of black celebrity fans including Beverley Knight MBE, Stevie Wonder, and the late Prince previously sampled the brand.

Additional details about Premae Skincare’s company philosophy can be found at

About Premae Skincare

Founded in December 2011 in North London, England, by Dr Clare Anyiam-Osigwe (Nee Eluka), Premae Skincare seeks to raise the standards of positive awareness for allergy-prone skin by offering high-efficacy, natural skincare, make-up produced locally with raw ingredients sourced globally. Premae Skincare pioneered the philosophy of freefrom beauty becoming the first brand to be Allergy UK certified as freefrom common allergens.

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