Client: B.U.F.F

Established in 2005, the British Urban Film Festival was initially formed to showcase urban independent cinema in the absence of any such state-sponsored activity in the UK. Supported by patrons which includes actors (Adam Deacon), film critics (Larushka-Ivan Zadeh) and film producers (Charlie Hanson and Damian Jones), B.U.F.F stands out as the only festival of its kind with a triple offering of : Online, On-air and spectator platforms where filmmakers and scriptwriters are presented with the opportunity to have their work showcased to the largest audience reach possible.


BUFF MEDIA PHOTOS – July 21st 2016: Venue: Ch4. Press present: Colourful Radio, Metro online, Metro print, The Voice, The British Blacklist, New wave district, Movie knights, Modern Ghana


2016: Year 11

July 2016: JCPR Secures BBC Films Sponsorship of the BUFF Awards, September 2016 – undisclosed figure.

June 2016: BUFF Announced 43 film selections, 24 finalists for the BUFF Awards and 4 confirmed recipients (3 script winners and Wil Johnson for honorary award)

May 2016: BUFF is featured over 20 times by international press and named the Best Film Festival for Diversity by Metro.co.uk

April 2016: JCPR has secured Sponsorship for B.U.F.F from Nari Drinks, Love Chin Chin, Vita Coco, Hilton Hotels, The Voice Newspaper and Colourful Radio, accumulated £60,000 worth of sponsorship. 

April: JCPR has secured coverage for BUFF new festival director Adeyinka Akinrinade on Pride Mag NG, Scene TV, The british blacklist. 


Below: BUFF Awards, Sept 17th 2015 at Cinema Museum. Courtesy of NK Abani. Sponsored by Dirty Mouth Cupcakes, Kato drinks, Premae Skincare, Propercorn & Urban Fruit

Below: Media Day, 3rd Sept 2015 at Channel 4. Courtesy of NK Abani Photography 

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