Filmmaker @clareanyiamo + producer @emmanuelanyiamo LIVE @BBCRadioLondon discussing @noshadefilm

After Emmanuel gives the Oscars recap on BBC Derby, he’ll join his wife, Clare and 5 other experts to debate the topic of Colourism in a special show curated in light of her directorial debut feature film NO SHADE.

The film has already garner worldwide coverage since the news broke on Wed Feb 28th, reported twice by BBC World Services, Screen Daily, The Voice Newspaper, London Live News, Guestlist, Maroon News, Essex TV, BWTM and

Clare’s unique story as a former Royally honoured Dermatologist and 1st degree in Acting and Directing lends her as perfect vessel to tell this story.

Emmanuel, awarded a media icon recognition award in 2016 for his contribution to film since 2001 at BFM, 2004 at Screen Nation and 2005+ with his own company BUFF has always had a desire to produce films, but has been waiting for the right story. Once Clare showed read the first draft of the script, he knew No Shade was the right story to debut under his production company BUFF Originals, a subsidiary of Triple A Film and TV which produces the BUFF Awards for Sky TV.

Tune into the show tonight from 8.30pm-10pm HERE

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