@chrispreddie OBE joins @jjpantherbaby on the Q&A of @thechapterverse @buffenterprises Fri 8th Sep

Chris Preddie has had a rollercoster of a life. From growing up on a Finsbury Park estate & losing his brother following a barbershop shooting to receiving an OBE from the Queen & building his own youth organisation as a proud activist against gang culture.

His story goes to show that it’s not where you start in life but where you work hard to end up!

Chris Preddie OBE, the Founder of ‘Make Dreams A Reality‘ will be on the Q&A panel for UK BTBUFF2017 Premiere of Chapter & Verse with Former Black Panther Member, director Jamal Joseph live on Friday 8th Sep 6pm – 10pm. The themes in the film mirror Chris’ campaigns for youth and gang violence in the capital and the discussion will inspire solutions that Make Dreams A Reality teach at inner-city London schools across the capital, preventing and guiding young people away from knife crime and grooming.

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Chris Preddie born and bred in North London wants to come to your school.
By just the tender age of 17, he was given his first taste of stardom, by getting up on stage as a spoken word poet and receiving the Champion title of the 2006 Londonwide youth slam championship, awarded by Ken Livingstone The Mayor of London.

Whilst still continuing to maintain his position at WAC university for 4 years and receiving a diploma for performing arts, Chris Preddie began to come into his own by participating in many art forms on his journey, dance, ballet, acting music & performing in many dramas & British plays.

In 2007 Chris was called upon by CrimeStoppers to join their force, working there for an intense 3 years he worked alongside the team to educate and guide the young youth on the culture of society and how to keep moving forward and staying out of trouble. He immediately built a niche for filling the youth with as much knowledge as possible on knife, gun crime, snitching and how important decisions pave your future.

After getting a taste for paving a positive path for the young children of today he founded his company MDR – Make Dreams A Reality. In 2010 after building on his experience of working with children both the troubled & inquisitive, Chris Preddie began to approach schools, young people’s institutions, prisons and youth projects with a view to educating both the young and old through Poetry, creative writing, inspirational speaking, knife & gun crime workshops, gang discussions, anti-bullying techniques, mentoring and pretty much whatever else the audience before him would divulge.

In February 2012 Chris Preddie was called upon by Her Majesty the Queen who congratulated him with an OBE at the tender age of 25 for his outstanding dedication and work ethic for his community.





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