Award winning filmmaker who documented the devastation of homelessness in London with one mans tragic story – ‘Deleted’.

Credit: Bertie Watson, Getty Images.

Born in London 1994, raised in Newcastle by his French Italian mum and Nigerian step dad, (Pierre’s biological father is from the Bahamas). Pierre-Mitchell has two step brother and sisters.

Pierre-Mitchell first picked up a camera at the age of 7. It was a Christmas present from his mother.

Stephan trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (BA) 2015 and studied his Masters Degree at Drama Centre London (MA Screen) finishing in 2019. He attributes his desire to study to his strong African influence from his step father, who instilled the need for education from an early age.

It was at this point, that Pierre-Mitchell planned on producing his directorial debut documentary short film, but needed to find an interesting subject.

Ahmed Sadiq-Hussein, a neighbour born in London, originating from India, knocked on Pierre-Mitchell’s door one day in 2018, asking for food. Stephan helped the man in need, and once speaking with him realised this was his divine opportunity to document the mans devastating story.

The man confided in Stephan, that his flat would be repossessed by his landlord as he was unable to pay his rent, due to a suspension of benefits from the DWP.

Stephan, was intrigued by the mans experience and offered to document his last 5 hours at his flat before eviction. From then onwards, Stephan followed Ahmed for 1 year as he transitioned from living as a divorcee comfortably in a flat, to living homeless on the streets of London. The last time Stephan saw him was February 2019, where Ahmed actually got the chance to watch the movie on Stephan’s phone. He laughed, cried and noted that the film made him look beautiful.

The documentary entitled ‘Deleted’ – a phrase from Ahmed, as he said he ‘Deleted himself from the system’ by going onto the streets. He felt embarrassed and ashamed as he was a proud father and an Asian man. He had never asked for help from anyone in his life and had no energy or desire to fight with you the DWP to over turn his financial suspension.

Stephan’s directorial debut short documentary film Deleted has accrued multiple industry nominations and awards:

Best Short Documentary Award Winner 2021 – North East International Film Festival (Newcastle upon Tyne UK) 
Best Documentary Award Winner 2020 – The British Urban Film Festival (UK) 
Best International Documentary Winner 2020 – Jozi Film Festival (Johannesburg South Africa) 
Best Documentary Award Winner 2020  – SouthportFilmFest (UK)
Best Short Documentary Award Winner 2019 – Winchester Film Festival (UK) 
Best Documentary /Runner Up – Sunderland Short Film Festival 2019 (UK) 
Deleted has also had premiere screenings in Toronto, Canada and three screenings in the United States. 

Stephan Pierre-Mitchell says : “As an artist it is important that we reflect the times, in the words of Nina Simone. This is why I want to be a filmmaker. Since I was a kid, holding that first camera, I want to reflect the times we are living in and my purpose for bringing stories to screen is to share our lived experiences and bring more empathy to use as a human race.”

Deleted garnered global distribution and is now available on all major platforms including: AppleTV / iTunes / Amazon Prime video/ Samsung TV 

Stephan has wrapped filming on his 2nd film, Sci-Fi Rom-Com, Reshaped which he shot during the global pandemic, starring Vicky Knight (Dirty Gods), Lourdes Faberes (No Time to die) and Jenny Godly (Wild Rose).

For press interviews, contact : Samina Somroo, Publicity Officer – On Point Communications. 

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