Traditional PR

We love to get brands featured in local, national and international publications, your story told through print, radio or tv interviews or a mix of advertorial. Let us help your brand awareness peak attracting award recognition and consumer/ industry credibility.


We live in the age of imagery. Branding is everything! Maybe it’s time to revamp your brand logo, website, branding collateral (banners, trade show posters etc). With our experience in branding, we can elevate your brand to make it a household name that people remember.

Social Media Planning

These days, the smartest businesses find a credible media company to handle, plan, strategise their social media posts, imagery. Saving them 3.5hrs per day. That is 35% of your day which you now have free to focus on the most important thing – profit. Let us ease your burden by managing this crucial marketing department for you.

Hire Expert Influencers

Are you looking for brand ambassadors or a spokesperson for your company, mission or social media story? Our influencers are credible multi-award winning thought leaders in their respective fields. Check our client page and get in touch today to start working with the best in the business.

Event Management

Customer service and hospitality are still the most vital ingredients to creating a stellar event. Whether its an awards show or a product launch, every detail should be covered with prestige and a budget that doesn’t leave you out of pocket.

Media content creation

Today’s social leverage is earned through media asset creation. We can produce your apple/ Spotify podcasts, YouTube videos and social media reels and live shows.

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