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Fuel your best marketing strategies from development stage to distribution release with On Point Communications.

From sales agent and pre-sale stories, festival releases, VOD news and cast announcements, we can help boost your marketing at any stage.

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Hire OPC for fast and beautiful branded content to use in your social media ads, digital ads and Ecommerce sites. Witness the impact of effective branded content sourced at speed and scale.
Samina Somroo PR and Social Media Officer

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performance analytics

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Stats at-the-ready, analyze any influencer in the world

Find the influencer that matches your campaign’s objectives based on their stats
– available anytime on your own intuitive database.
Unleash the power of social media
Approve the posts and amplify your branded content via your social media channels.
Unlock high-quality, press coverage
Our expert PR officers construct breaking news worthy headlines with powerful press releases guaranteed to wow journalists for features.
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Marketing strategies that secure world sales
99% of filmmakers leave their marketing until after they’ve made their film. That’s a big mistake. Marketing is 75% of the work needed to gain world dales before your film has even been shot. The conversations start as soon as you on board your cast.
Real press releases tailored to your film’s synopsis
There’s an art to writing press releases that get published by Deadline, Evening Standard, Screen Daily, Variety and the world trades. We have secured coverage for over 7 years with unknown indie titles to block busters. Get in touch to start today.
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Expert analysis of Films and TV shows
Understanding the changing demographic of world entertainment is crucial to gaining an audience. By enlisting one of our cultural experts to support your campaign, you instantly boost credibility and a captive diverse audience, often hard to penetrate.
Pitch deck and key art creation
We have experience of packaging films from no budget to £10m+. Without needing to shoot your movie, your pitch deck should sell your vision and the key art designed to compliment your trailer. Get in touch to package your film.
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Start promoting your news to your audience and pushing your stories into the mainstream.

Increase Followers

Daily posts enables your niche audiences to find your films,
engage in the narrative and tell others.

Save money

As a one stop shop, we handle everything from
social media to traditional pr, to ad sales for a package fee.

Drive Action

Daily posts enable your niche audiences to search for your content and films,
and audience interaction keeps them engaged.

Real Customers

We have long standing relationships at the
world's most credible film news outlets.

Maximise ROI

Filmmaknig is hard and stressful. You can focus on being
creative whilst we handle the marketing for you.

Go to Market

Investors, financers and film producers judge your film projects on the mount of organice markreting you can generate. It can make or break securing film finance or sales, so get in touch today.

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